I Want For My Organic Chemistry Class Essay

946 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
I see many issues as a threat to our community of transfer students and I as a transfer student can empathize with them on some of these issues. One issue is lack of knowing the vast resources that UMD provides for its students. Many transfer students come to UMD and notice that it’s nothing like their community college they are exposed to differences in class and campus size, academic rigor, etc. The fact that many transfer students don’t know the various resources that UMD offers such as academic tutoring, TLC equipment loan program and guided study sessions is an issue. From personal experience these resources have helped me a lot through my academics. I remember the time I was studying for my organic chemistry class I was struggling a lot, but then I got to know from my peers in class about GSS and honestly it made organic chemistry so easy to understand. Other than lack of knowledge of campus resources, another threat is the fact that the campus size can be daunting to a transfer student who are used to a smaller campus setting. Inserting oneself into a new element is often a challenge for transfer students. However, one way to diminish this anxiety is by connecting with other students who are involved in campus organizations. By inserting yourself into a campus organization you will have common ground with your new peers which can often lead to long-lasting friendships. Personally I am to shy when it comes to interacting with another individual unless there a reason…

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