Essay I Visited The United States District Court

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I visited the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on February 10. This court is a federal district court and it is in the fourth position from the top, Supreme Court in the structure of the federal court system. District court has general trial jurisdiction. The Courthouse is consisted of 6 floors and each judge has his or her own courtroom. The district court and the United States Bankruptcy court are in the same building. Regarding a courtroom, when I entered there, I could see prosecutors/plaintiffs seats on the left side and defendant seats on the right side. The different point was that in my country courts, there is no two tables in front of the jury box, but in the US they have. Jury box, although there were no juries in the cases which I watched, was located behind the either of the back of two parties seats. And next to the judge seat, there was a deputy and two clerks of court were sitting in front of the judge. The layout will impact on clients and make them realize that even one case involves a lot of people who is being in various jobs. However in my opinion the biggest impact that clients will have is not from the layout I described, but from the bar. The reason why there is the bar is without doubt to prevent audiences from getting into the trial, which should be conducted in a grave situation, but if clients were inside of the bar they feel that they are criminals even though they are not sentenced to guilty or anything since the bar…

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