I Think About My Classroom Essay

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When I think about my classroom this year in relationship to the Habits of Mind one mindset truly stands out, responding with wonderment and awe. This year my students are so intrigued when there is some type of mystery that we have to solve. They love to use their imagination, which allows them to see the content in a very different way. In our current math block on Friday students participate in a math investigation called Truly Problematic Situation. This is a time where students have to come up with a solution to a challenging situation. Students are to complete the activity with out any direction of possible strategies from the teacher. This week was the first time we tried to complete this task and it went very well. I framed this week’s question in a way where students were detectives and this was a case we had to solve. We put on our imaginary detective hats and coats and began to work. I saw my students thinking so deeply about the problem in front of them with their partner. They stayed in character as I heard a student say, “We have to solve this case Ms. Whitby needs our help!” They were having so much fun figuring it out. Just as Costa and Kallick (2009) state students should see the word as awesome and mysterious and have fun figuring it out. I have seen this in other parts of the day such as number talk. Over the last few weeks we have focused on subitizing to build mental fluency through quick images. We imagined we were riding in a jeep on an African…

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