I Really Liked This Project Because It Gave Us A Opportunity At Network Early

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I really liked this project because it gave us a opportunity to network early. We met mentors who own businesses and have experience. Our mentors came every thursday to support us our mentors were Ian, Noel and Tim. I felt like they were all useful and supportable in teaching us how to make a business. For example whenever Mariana, Lucki and me were in doubt Our mentor Noel will tell us that we got a brilliant idea to keep on don’t give up on your idea. It would be times when I would get frustrated with this business idea. But, my mentors would talk to us ,ask us what were we doing. There was this time everyone had their prototype already bought and had everything well organized and we were still trying to work on our prototype Noel gave us the idea for our prototype to make a mock destination and a voice over. We found that idea really helpful for our prototype because since our app was going to be a a app that helps people get to their desired destination we hoped to show that we had accurate directions also, he suggested that we choose a place to pretend we are going to. I was really inspired by the mentors. Tim Lord inspired me because he is the co founder of dreamyard without him they won’t be a Dreamyard. Noel Calloway inspired me because he has written and produced a lot of good films and has won awards. Ian Madover inspires me because he has a clothing line and I hope some day to have my clothing line. It was really inspiring to know that all the mentors started…

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