I Interviewed A Local Language Arts Teacher At A Public School

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Over the few days, I interviewed a local language arts teacher at a public school in North Branch. Also, I searched the internet for information on the children’s book publishing industry. Lastly, I interviewed the North Branch Area School librarian. On September 22, I went and visited North Branch Area Schools where I went to school at, before college and went and interviewed one of my old language arts teacher, Mrs. Bareither. She is also a first grade teacher. My interview consisted of asking her what the role of children’s literature is in just her classroom, and what national and state standards require in this regard. She responded saying “We read fiction and nonfiction throughout the year it is pretty even with reading both fiction and nonfiction equally. We touch all genres throughout the year also because that is what the state standards require for this age. We read chapter books that have a few pictures in them but we are trying to wean the children off from the pictures.” To continue this I decided to go and ask a paraprofessional some questions also to see what happens in other grades since they are in each classroom with different grades and different teachers. So deciding this I went and interviewed Mrs. Swoish. I asked her what first, second, and third graders read the most of in the classrooms, fiction or nonfiction. She responded “first grade all they read is fiction. They do not read any nonfiction. Also, they read books that do have pictures in them.…

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