I Have Working With Computer Essay

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I have been working with computer since I was in elementary school. I was so fascinated how computer work. As the years passed by, I want s have a computer job that pays every well. When kids wanted to be fireman or a police office, I wanted to be a Pc repairman. I am striving to be the one of the best in the in the IT field. And I really got deeper into computers when I went to high school. With my computer teacher, Mr. Daniele’s pushing me to strive to do better. He told me that if I really want pursue the A++ certification he would help me.
After graduating high school, I moved to North Carolina where I had decent job offer. But I lacked the degree that would have landed me the job. That drive me to get back in school, and get a degree in computers. So I moved back to Georgia So I can attend Atlanta Technical. After two years of non-stop school work I felt like I want going anywhere. On top of going to school full time, I also had a full time job. The one day I woke and told myself, either you going to finish school and quit your job. Or keep your job and drop out of school. Because I didn’t have time for both. My day consist of my waking up at 7:30 in the morning and go class, right after class I had to go to work. After work I’ll try too much homework as possible. Doing that day in and day out, for 2 years straight. It felt like I was on a hamster wheel. So I dropped out of Atlanta Tech. Furthermore a few years on break from school, I decided to finish school and…

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