Essay about I Have A Hard Time Showing Courage Against The Popular Vote

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Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. As a result of my aptitude to convey ideas well, communication is one of my most prevalent skills. In addition, my ability to understand the situations of others makes empathy a strong suit. Conversely, I am deficient in having courage to stand up for what is right. Though I have a hard time showing courage, communication and empathy are my clearest strengths, resulting in a determination to stand up to peer pressure.
I have a hard time showing courage against the popular vote. Several months ago I turned sixteen, and I have held my drivers license for two months. In those sixty days, friends ask for rides nearly everyday. Now that isn’t a problem; I enjoy driving, the problem is I can only drive one non-family member until I am 18 under the law. Unfortunately, when asked to drive friends, it is almost never just one friend, it is a whole group of them. When I tell them I can only drive one of them, I normally get hit with the response, “Dude, don’t be a pussy. Just drive us.” And, not wanting to be a “pussy”, I normally do drive them. Even though I do not see the point of the law, I feel guilty breaking it. Differing from my friends is a challenge for me because when I do, I feel as if I am letting them down. However, it’s not that I do not possess the confidence to do it, I just don’t want them to be disappointed in me. Consequently, I struggle with having the courage to do right under peer pressure. Another situation in…

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