Norms Of Interpersonal Communication

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1. Interpersonal communications has taught me a lot that I need to know about myself and how I can efficiently interact with others. The number one area of communication that I need to work on is speaking up for myself. I tend to let people walk all over me instead of defending myself. I try to avoid conflict anywhere I am but by ignoring the problem, it doesn’t ever change. In order to ensure that I improve this area of communication, I will be more assertive. Whenever I encounter a situation where I feel uncomfortable, I will speak up and let the other person know how I am feeling. I will express myself in a polite but forward manner so that I can make sure that I have made my point. I will continue to assert myself until I have become comfortable and more aware of how to approach conflicts. …show more content…
I have always heard “keep your circle small,” but that does not mean that I cannot create new friendships and add them to my circle. I have realized that I do not have to tell my whole life story to another person just to “open up.” In order to improve on this, I will expand my comfort zone and chose to interact with more people. Instead of only listening to what other individuals say, I will make room in the conversation so that I can share my ideas also. I will work on telling myself that I am good enough so that I can feel confident when I talk about myself to others. Additionally, I will seek out nourishing people. I will give people more insight to my life while bringing light to mine. This class has given me obstacles to pull out things that I usually keep

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