I Go Back, By Sharon Olds Essay examples

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Sharon Olds’s poem “I Go Back to May 1937” is written as if the speaker is looking back in time to when the speaker’s parents first met in May, towards the end of their senior year at college. Throughout the poem, the narrator does not seem appeased with the events that unfold after her parents’ marriage; nonetheless, the narrator understands that any action she takes to stop her parents from meeting each other will result in her not existing. Although Olds’s poem is just 30 lines long, the poem has immense meaning in demonstrating how one’s parent 's marriage can have a huge effect on a child. Olds’s utilization of literary devices such as syntax and her point of view conveys the prominent theme: no matter how difficult life gets within one 's family, one should always be thankful for their life regardless of what the circumstances exist within that family. Olds’s use of perspective arguably demonstrates her message: one’s will to survive far exceeds one’s will to avoid living in a flawed family. The poem is described through the narrator’s senses, which is crucial in helping the reader feel the narrator 's emotions, understand the magnitude of her dilemma and how suffering through a life of pain is better than not existing at all. Olds writes, “I want to go up to them and say stop / you are going to do bad things to children / but I don 't want to do it. I want to live.” Through this quote, the reader can witness that the narrator 's parents’ marriage proved…

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