Essay on I Fell Of Love When I Was 18

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I fell in love when I was 18. Specifically, it was the first week of my freshman year at college. This was not a typical romance, but like any other, it had its fair shares of struggles, frustrations, doubts, and required a wholehearted commitment which continues to this day.
On the first week of my first year at college, I stepped foot into the university gym for the first time. I was immediately enthralled with what I saw. All the people in the room were committed to improving and pushing themselves to their limits with a determination I had not quite seen anywhere else. I was a 5’8’’, 120 pound freshmen with grand visions for myself; I could transform my body here and become an entirely new me. Quite frankly having no idea what I was doing, I loaded 135 pounds onto a bar on the deadlift mat, took a deep breath, and jerked my body upwards. The bar rose an inch, I struggled and lost control, and promptly fell over. The crash of metal on the floor made heads turn, and I sheepishly got back on my feet while 20 pairs of eyes stared at me. I heard laughter, and I walked out of the gym with my head hung low.
The next day in a burst of motivation, I found myself standing in my dorm room dressed in workout clothes. I stared at my door wondering if I should take the risk. I decided to walk out of my room that day and haven’t looked back since. I walked up to the same bar from the previous day, accepted my limitations, and started with a much lighter weight. This time I completed…

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