I Don 't Know The Title Yet Essay

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I don’t know the title yet
So it begins:
My first day of many at Coventry Village School started out a little stranger than most. My Dad met me at school and walked me to class. As soon as I saw the teacher I was terrified. I wanted to hide, but if I hid then my Dad wouldn’t be close to me anymore. Then the idea hit me, I could just hide using my Dad! Within a minute of stepping into the kindergarten classroom I had lifted up my Dad’s shirt from his waist and pulled it over my head. I figured that if I couldn’t see the teacher, she couldn’t see me- children’s logic. I stayed that way for a couple minutes while my Dad talked to the teacher and occasionally tried to pull the shirt off from over my head; there was no way he was getting that shirt out of the grip of my clenched fists though. Finally, after other children began to arrive I unhid myself from the teacher. I saw another little girl putting her stuff in her cubby and we became best friends from that day forward. Little did I know, making friends wasn’t always going to be as easy as running over to somebody and saying “Hi, I’m Renee, wanna be friends?”

5th grade:
First through fourth grade was great. It went by fast. I was friends with everyone in my class and we all got along. While that didn’t change in fifth grade, other things did. My parents had been divorced since I was one years old, but I was starting to get old enough to understand. My parents were both remarried. I lived with my Dad and stepmom and I…

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