Essay on I Don 't Know About You Guys

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am the younger son, The Prodigal! See, I grew up in a divorced family and went through a good bit of things growing up. I was one of those kids that didn’t really get along with their parents, and I have to admit, I was angry at God. When I was younger, I was told about God, but to be honest, I never knew Him. I was told if you ask God for something he will give it to you. Well, it felt like He just ignored me. My parents use to fight a lot when I was younger and It seemed like every night I would cry myself to sleep praying that God would help my parents stop arguing and fighting.
Being the older of two siblings it felt like I got blamed for everything that went wrong. So naturally, it was not long before I started thinking that I was the reason for my parents not getting along. After believing that, I started to think that my family would be better off without me; that the whole world would be better off without me.
Years later, when I was 13 my prayers were answered, but it was not the way that I wanted it. My parents got divorced! I had prayed and prayed that God would help my family, but in my eyes He just tore it apart. It was then that I believed that God did not care about me at all. And after that, I wanted nothing to do with God.
Because of the divorce I chose to live with my dad while my two younger sisters lived with my mom. Living with my dad was not easy. It seemed like nothing I did was ever good enough, and He would yell…

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