Personal Narrative: My Divorced Family

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Having divorced parents is almost never an easy concept for a child to understand, and having a step parent can be even more challenging. When I first met my step father I had a hard time understanding if I was supposed to like my step father or not. My older brother, Justin, always made it apparent that Chip, my step father, somehow managed to destroy our family, so my sister and I thought that was the case. My biological father first left our family when my sister, Erin, and I were only five years old. This made things a little hard when it came to growing up. My father was supposed to be my best friend, my hero; unfortunately that did not happen for me. I can recall my father never being around while we were growing up; mother said it was because he worked late. Still he was never there, there is not one memory I have of me and my father together. …show more content…
When I first met Chip I was not sure just how to take it, was this my new father? After my parents’ divorce my sister and I moved to Sanger with my mother and step father while my brother stayed with our father. The first few months were the hardest. Chip was new to being a parent, and we were new to his boundaries, and not sure how far we could push his buttons. At only five years old I felt like I was in the middle of a family feud, which I was. When visiting my father, he would always tell us reasons why we should not like Chip. My father had this tendency of being incorrect, on this topic in particular, he was more than

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