The Consequences Of Divorce

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Divorce is a legal action between married people, they terminate their marriage relationship, it is also called a dissolution of a marriage. I had a very close and important person in my life go through divorce. It is something that is horrifying to see someone go through special when that person is a family member, like my sister. For this assignment, I sat down with her and interviewed her. It was painful and there were definably tears. I had never sat down with her and discussed everything. When she went through this we all just tried to get passed it as fast as we could, including herself. I personally never asked because I didn’t want to bring back all those painful moments or make her feel uncomfortable about that situation. I asked …show more content…
She was 2 months pregnant when they got married, and just at the end of the 9th month of pregnancy they split up. I had so many questions for my sister, questions that I had never asked her. For example, why? Why did you stay with him, even when he was just an asshole to you? And all he did was blame you for being pregnant? With tears in her eye she told me “I just thought it might have worked if we lived together, I also didn’t want to disappoint mom and dad more than what I had already. But I’m so stupid you know, mom and dad are great people, if I had just told them the truth, about what my relationship they would’ve understood.” I agreed as she was telling me what it was like when she lived with him. I remember the day she went to my parents’ house to tell them that she was getting a divorce. I saw how my parents sat there and cried with her. My mother apologized to her for making it seem like marrying him was the only way to do things. My father was upset, he made it clear to my sister that he was going to help her and was letting her go back home, but he did not want that guy near her or the baby. He was going to care for them and help her financially until she found a job. My sister told them that the baby’s daddy did not want to be responsible for the baby or her, and he did not want anything to do with

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