Personal Narrative: Lou Gehrig's Disease

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On May 9th, 2014, ALS took the life of my grandma, Nancy May, or as we would call her “Granny.” ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a horrible disease that slowly killed her through the nervous system by weakening muscles and affecting her physical function. In the month of March, 2012 she found out she was diagnosed with ALS, which happened to be one of the worst days ever for me. Even though she was battling with a disease she knew she would not win, she still managed to care for us. A disease that was slowly killing her never stopped her from doing what she wanted to do and never stopped her from teaching us how to be strong when life throws difficult things at us. Thoughts of confusion and wanting to cry all crossed my mind when I found out. I did not understand why it was happening to her. Everything just seemed like a big blur. I thought something like this would never happen to her or anyone in our family for that fact. I remember hating myself because I was so selfish …show more content…
A few weeks to a month before she died, she had gotten really bad, so we dropped everything and went to her. I remember getting there and looking at her and she still had a smile on her face knowing we were there. The doctors were preparing her for surgery, but they said it was going to be difficult. She was going to surgery because she had broken her hip. They did not want to put her under for the sake she might pass on because there was a chance of her getting pneumonia. She could get pneumonia because the ALS caused her immune system to weaken so she could not fight it back. The pneumonia would not help her situation at all, but she needed the surgery. When the surgery was done, they said she would be fine and we had school, so we drove back home. It could not have been more than a week later when my mom got the call that she had gotten pneumonia and there could be a chance of her getting

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