I Don 't Dislike My Mother Essay

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I don’t dislike my mother. She brought me into this world and has loved me all of my life. I miss her. I miss our Scrabble games. I miss her phone calls when she checked in to see how I was faring in life. The only reason I feel a loss is due to a choice that she made. She and my stepfather decided that my lifestyle is not on par with a decision I made at 11 years old. My parents chose their religion over me. The important part is that I’m not angry about it.
You may be wondering why I’m not fuming and wildly telling everyone about this “awful” religion that stole my parents. The answer is fairly simple. I believe in freedom and the right of each of us to choose our own path. How can I possibly seek to live my polyamorous, bisexual life and criticize anyone for their living their life? I do not have to agree with the choices they make. If we, as individuals, believe in liberty and freedom, why do many find it so difficult to accept a life different than the one they have chosen?
Marriage has been on the minds of many Americans recently, not due to a surge of heterosexual unions because it’s common knowledge that the idea of marriage is rather broken these days. Rather, the legalization of gay marriage by the federal government has led to many couples being able to do something they never could before- stand up before a representative of the state they live in and vow to love each other forever. Here comes the sad part…there is so much hate being spewed about this decision.…

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