I Didn 't Like Reading Essay

751 Words Feb 10th, 2016 4 Pages
When I was little, I always said I didn’t like reading. I never considered myself to be a valuable reader or writer. My parents both loved reading, and I was always told that I would feel differently about it when I was older. As the story often goes, my parents were right. As I grew older and was exposed to people who did love reading and writing. I learned to love it just as they did. The three people in my life who have been influential to my skills as a reader and a writer are my mother, my middle school english teacher, and my best friend. Though I don’t have any specific memories of learning to read, I do know that I was taught by my mother when I was about three or four. I already knew how to read and write my name when started kindergarten. Mama loved to read so, naturally, as soon as I was old enough to understand she shared her passion for books with me. Due to her love for reading, having books in the house has always seemed natural. The house I grew up in, while cramped, was packed with books. I was surprised later in life to find out that that wasn’t the case in everyone’s house. I specifically remember one summer day when I was still too young to attend school, my mom cleaning out a large bookshelf. Piles of books were stacked all over the room, almost the same height as my tiny four year old self. The soundtrack from the play Big River filled the room as I sat on the floor and marveled at the number of books Mama had read. As I went through elementary…

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