Essay on I Didn 't Have A Choice

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When I registered for the course, I was in the process of signing up for classes I had to take. I didn’t have a choice in most of them, so I didn’t do much research into what each lesson plan held. However, during our first day, I was pleasantly surprised by the goal of the class – learning about literary criticism and, more importantly, the theories that went along with it. I felt confident because I already had experience in these fields, and this class would just throw me into the deep end of a pool I had already waded into. The class essentially showed me why I had wanted to be an English major in the first place and strengthened my desire to work harder and succeed in my chosen career.
I didn’t initially feel overwhelmed by the assignments; the essays were fun and helped me practice skills I already had, and the quizzes increased my confidence in my knowledge and understanding of the information. I do feel that toward the end of the semester I started to get a bit drained because of the hectic schedule college had forced me to adapt to, and the fact that I had to start working almost every day during the week. I started getting very stressed and this would make me forgetful. It affected my ability to keep up with my work. I remember missing a quiz because of the election and the essay I had to write for another class, and I had to email Hannah to explain what had happened and ask if I could still take it. I was so panicked about missing a quiz and I even called my…

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