I Decided For A Nurse Essay

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I decided I wanted to be a nurse many years ago after discovering that my family is filled with nurses, and hearing their first hand experiences. They expressed the joy and excitement that happens on a day to day basis, and how there is always something new happening everyday. They described to me the good and the bad, but emphasized to me how rewarding it is to really help someone in need. Two years ago when my sister graduated from Georgia Southern 's nursing program so our family had a big get together and all my aunts and uncles who are nurses flew down to Georgia and talked to her about all the different options and specializations she could choose from and the fact that she could go anywhere in the US and get a job. I heard all of them talking and got more and more interested in nursing. So after my sister was done with them I talked to each one of them personally, and heard of all their experiences and memories and that is when I officially decided I was going to become a nurse. My uncles were extremely happy I wanted to become a nurse because there is not many men in the nursing field and they want to see more equality in regards to gender in nursing and hopefully one day they will be called "nurses" by the general public, and not "male nurses" because you their gender. Since then I 've shadowed my sister and mom at St. Joseph 's/Candler and really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about what actually happens on a day to day basis. My mom and sister…

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