Essay on I Come From A Family Of 5

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I come from a family of 5 in Hermantown (Duluth), Minnesota. My parents and two older siblings moved there when I was five years old, from a small town in Wisconsin, Iron River. When I was five, life as I knew it did a 360 and everything changed. I may have been young, but I will never forget the day that my parents sat me my brother and my sister down and told us that they were getting a divorce. I didn’t fully understand what was going on, but I knew that it was a big deal because we were all crying and hugging and my mom was explaining to me that “mommy and daddy are going to have separate houses now.” It took quite awhile for us to establish a new norm of living, but eventually we figured it out; we were at my mom’s house from Sunday nights to Wednesday mornings, and then with my dad the rest of the week. This was our cycle for roughly 5 years, until my life did another 360, and everything changed once again. I was 9 years old when my dad sat me and my siblings down in the same spot where we had the above conversation almost five years earlier, and told us that he had proposed to his girlfriend. We were getting a stepmom...and three new stepbrothers. This came as a total shock to us all, we were blindsided. I would love to tell the story about how this was an amazing moment and there was nothing but happiness, but in reality, it played out very differently. The proposal meant that Lonni and her boys were going to move into our house, and we were all going to be a…

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