I Can 't Write That Way : Experiences Of A Future Writing Teacher

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“You Can’t Write That Way:” Experiences of a Future Writing Teacher

My experience with writing has dominated my life and the decisions I have made. I love all expressive modes of writing, but the response one gets can differ greatly depending on the reader, therefore, I do not like getting feedback on writing. However, when I write for an implied audience that does not get to know my words, I feel like a speaker in a large auditorium, boldly proclaiming my truths to the cold, silent stone. This simultaneous desire for a reader and dread of a reader’s response creates an overall ambivalence towards writing– a love of creating and being an author, and a dread of receiving feedback and having a reader that is not amused by my words.
While there are many reasons I feel ambivalent towards writing, a couple of experiences I was a tender seven years old are particularly telling of my emotions. I was an avid writer in fourth grade because writing is a major source of entertainment to me. I would often forgo homework to carefully craft narratives. There were no sufficiently obvious “modes of discourse” to be seen in my prose writing: my writing usually involved a convoluted narrative involving solitary exploration of ancient artifacts, a theme that my novels continue to express. Yet my solitary exploration of narrative was interrupted when as a fourth grader in the North Carolina education system during the early days of assessment culture, we were suddenly faced with the menacing…

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