I Attended The Hindu Temple Of Atlanta Essay

1004 Words Jun 28th, 2016 null Page
Diversity is a multifaceted concept that when recognized by everyone creates hope. It is also informative because it permits people to have different thoughts and opinions on religion and culture. The only way to comprehend other religions is for a person to inform themselves. Knowledge is power, with this knowledge we can make better decisions and also achieve more because of the ability to understand people from different cultures. I attended the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, located in Riverdale, Georgia. Upon arrival, I noticed the beautiful, intricate architecture of the white building. This building is a replica of a traditional Hindu Temple in Southern India, built by artisans from India. This location has two different temples, the Balaji Temple, and the Shiva Temple. I originally planned to attend Nitya Pooja at the Balaji temple, but when I arrived they informed me that during the week not many people attend; but there may be a ceremony at the Shiva Temple if I would like to attend it. I observed Abhishekam, the daily worship of Lord Ramalingeswar at the Shiva Temple. The devotees stood at the front of the large room and the priest performed a scared shower of milk to the god. As he poured the milk he chanted mantras, in the room, seated, on the floor was two musicians; one playing drums and the other a traditional woodwind instrument called a nadaswaram. After that ceremony, I went back to the Balaji Temple and waited for Balaji Abhishekam to start.…

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