I Asked For Advice From Parents Essay

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I Asked For Advice From Parents

After two days, the kids got a little more comfortable with me and they started doing their own thing - like leaving their dishes everywhere, eating a bunch of crap, and playing their music as loud as they could. That 's when I knew that I needed to be the adult in the house and make sure they didn 't get away with anything that they shouldn 't.

I sent out a request for some advice, and I got some that helped me become the person in charge that I needed to be.

The first bit of advice I got was from Phil:

Talk with them. Your rules will be different from the ones they had at home, and they will only know your rules if you tell them. Even then telling them won 't work. They need to understand the reasons for any differences. Teenagers only respond to reasoning.
Give them 1 on 1 time as well as group time. Also allow them to be together without you. Trust them (within reason).

I took that advice and started being more vocal with them about the rules. The two older ones responded well, but the youngest one pouted and complained through a lot of it.

So, I used Phil 's advice to explain my reasons with her - and that worked very well at getting her to do stuff that she REALLY didn 't want to do...but, I still had a lot of pouting and stomping going on.

The second bit of advice I had was from David.

Teenagers are hard-wired to test their boundaries. They will test them on you. Make sure you set those boundaries and stick to them. They…

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