I Am The Captain Of The Track Team Here At Ontario High School

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Greeting, I am Christopher Musni a current senior at Ontario High School. I am the captain of the track team here at Ontario. Track and Field are the majority of my school life besides my student achievement class where I am the treasurer. Really an outgoing person, which I was voted for this year by my senior class. I am a very easy person to get along with, I can relate to a lot of people who have harsh living conditions because I have been there and done that. Several people come to me for advice which I love because that is just the type of person I am. I love to help people out. What I believe is my biggest asset is my leadership and hard work. I didn’t notice that was my strong point until high school and track came along. The number one obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is my mother getting arrested during the end of my sophomore year. All this drama started at the end of my freshman year though, ever since then up until she got arrested she was running from the police. For a whole year she was going from house to house just trying to get away and I had to witness all of it. There were multiple times where I just wanted to turn her in myself because I knew it would be the best thing for her and everyone, but, I just couldn’t do it. There was no father figure in the picture so while my mother was running I was living at my friends grandparents house. They were very accepting of me but it was hard trying to transition to a new lifestyle without her. I am still…

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