I Am I Signed Up For Speech And Graduation Speech Essay

1610 Words May 27th, 2016 7 Pages
Mrs. Koontz,

Last year, when I signed up for Speech and Composition, it didn’t seem like much of a difference than the classes Speech and Fundamentals of Writing. However, I know now that I made the right choice to have a year round class than just a separate units for each topic because I practiced and attained valuable skills such as communication and 10th grade level writing simultaneously instead of a semester at a time.
My time spent in your classroom has prepared me for the classes I will be taking next year and beyond, as proper communications and proficient writing skills are required for future pursuits in further education and careers. Below I will be explaining what I have learned and achieved in this class using specific examples on communications, listening, creative nonfiction, literary analysis, persuasive writing, and researched writing.
I used to be so insecure about my public speaking skills and would dread going to school because of a project I had to present. But thanks to this class, I find myself volunteering to go first in speeches and participating in class. For example, on the first speech of the year (Me in a Bag), I went first, much to my surprise. I have grown so much since then. I can look people in the eye and speak clearly. I can communicate.
Others have seen a change in me as well. My friends take me seriously now because I look them in the eye. My archery coach has notice a difference in me since the day I gave a speech to the school…

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