I Am Happy : My Wedding Essay

783 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
I am happy. It is incredibly corny but that is all I really want. I want to be so happy my cheeks are burning because I can not stop smiling, I want that happiness were you have to bite your lips from smiling to much. I am a firm believer everyone deserves a couple euphoric highs of happiness at least a couple times in their life and I have not had many yet, but I think my wedding deserves one of these highs for both my husband and I. I have never been that Disney story book girl, therefore I do not want my wedding to be. I want more of a vintage outdoorsy feel, because that’s the way I describe my taste in clothes and personality. Because of this, the wedding is outdoors, preferably the last week in September, so we can be on our honeymoon during my birthday.
There’s got to be pumpkins and hay and anything related to Halloween that is not downright bloody skulls and black cats. Growing up my parents and I would decorate for hours upon hours for Halloween, for us, it has always been the favored holiday, even over Christmas. I want fall colors like maroon, dark brown, orange and crème to compliment our fall wedding scene. Everyone and their mother is invited to the reception. I want a mass of people, if I have seen you in the grocery store at one point in my life, your invited. Which is slightly weird coming from an introvert, but I think weddings are fun, plus I could ask for a mix master in every color for the gift registry. I do not need a mix master in every color, I am…

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