Essay on I Am Going For Pay The Franchise Deposit

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I 'm going to pay the franchise deposit.

What if Dragon 's lurking somewhere, waiting to rob me?

Why don 't you put these papers in the bag, and the money in your pockets?

Brilliant idea, man.

Close the door and lock it.

Right, how do you I look?

Great, boss.

But it looks as if you have hips and breasts.

I could 've asked Nimrod to accompany me.

But he 's writing exams.

Lizzy, I 'll be back in a few of hours to take you to the hospital.

- Okay.
- What 's the matter?

Mma, I 've just been thinking about Mokgadi.

Now that Leeto 's a candidate attorney, she thinks she 's something special.

She thinks that she 's better than me.


She 's the reason you were so upset last night.

Where does she get off criticizing my life?

Leeto was involved with drug dealers and had a French sugar mama.

I was shot because of him, but she has the audacity to judge Mangaliso.

At least Leeto 's life...

has changed.

I 'm not so sure about Mangaliso.

Let me mind my own business.

That 's a good idea.

I can 't wait to go to your appointment.
Maybe they 'll give us good news.

We 'll hear what they have to say.

Have some faith.

I don 't want count my chickens before they hatch.

No matter what the doctors say...

I 'll never lose hope that one day...

you 'll get up from that chair and stand on your own two feet.

- Really?
- Yes.

Thank you, Mma.

I really needed to hear those words.

I can 't believe Uncle Alfred right now.

And you, blabbermouth, did you have…

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