Essay about I Am Confused By My Own Generation

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Is anyone entitled to anything? I am confused by my own generation. The moment my best friend, Analise, told me she was feeling suicidal I was confused. From there it got even worse; I learned that most of my friends have had suicidal thoughts at one point during their life and were okay with it. Some of my closest friends had found a way to accept depression as part of their lives. They sounded as if they welcomed it, taking it as a learning experience as to how the world really works. Analise and I were iconic; we were the best friends, even if you didn 't know our names. We were very active in our leadership program for our school and could often be found in the office working on different school campaigns. No one would guess that Analise was suffering from depression because she did so much to pretend it wasn 't there. This motivated me to become a psychology major here at the University of San Francisco. I want to research psychopathology in adolescence across the decades, in an attempt to understand why so many feel the need to experience life in this way. Today when someone confides in me about their feelings I am no longer shocked by the things they say. Instead, I just listen because I am searching for an answer. Most of them have no intention of seeking help. Would you feel entitled to take care of your own mental instability alone? Mental health stigmatisms can prevent adolescents from seeking help when they need too because early intervention is key to a…

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