I Am An English Language Teacher Essay

702 Words Aug 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Just because we do it different, it does not mean we are not good at what we do. This is something I always tell myself in order to be more flexible towards everyone and everything. I love being a tool for others; I enjoy being a trustful resource and that is why I am an English language teacher. Probably my teaching style may vary from other teachers, but I know that each personality is there for some reason. Moreover, any style it is, I am assure teaching is done passionately. My short experience in teaching has been a spontaneous adventure. It has portrayed me that teaching is delightful. When I teach, there are three aspects of the MAKER Model that I concentrate more on. First of all is the Knowledge I provide to learners. In that way, I feel more secure about the information I would furnish to students. I am also attached to Awareness because we get the opportunity to know more about students’ personal information and that helps me to be more open-minded when planning. Therefore, this brings me to Ends because there is nothing more important than knowing that I have reached my objective and students were able to produce the language. Additionally, I like to use the Communicative Approach since I feel as a guide for students. I adore the interaction that I can give my students and students themselves. The fact that this approach is focused on the production of the language makes me feel as an instrument for learners. Likewise, I enjoy using Direct Method too…

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