I Am A Right For My Own Career Success Essay

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Every child deserves an education that will ensure his or her academic, social, and emotional success. This should be a right guaranteed to all children, not a privilege afforded to few. As a teacher it is my responsibility to ensure that all the children in my classroom are guaranteed this right. In order to accomplish this goal which is paramount to my own career success, I have a desire to comprehend how children respond to the variety of curriculum demands presented to them. Including being eager to learn more about efficiently determining the most effective option for my students, among the spectrum of instructional strategies available. As every child is an individual, they each learn in different ways; therefore identifying and understanding how to instruct each child to allow them to harness their own talents is critical to ensuring success in an education system that is focused on common core assessments and standard curriculum. I believe that it is important for everyone in the education profession to continuously work to improve their craft and learn new techniques to improve their student instruction. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that we as educators understand as much as we can about how our students learn and then use this knowledge to design the most effective curriculum possible.
Originally, I began my college career unsure of what my passion in life was. I had always liked children, yet I was unsure if I should be the nucleus of my…

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