I Am A Physically Active Game Developer Enthusiast Essay

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Mission Statement
I am a physically active game developer enthusiast who seeks to learn and master many different programming languages that will allow me to bring my game universes to life and present something unique and different to many gamers out there that are hungry for some completely new game concepts.
Purpose: To provide the world of gaming with completely new game concepts that are each a one of a kind and to keep working out and get stronger so that I can continue to be healthy and independent as I age through the years.

Goal: To learn many different programming languages that will allow me to code my games and to graduate from The University of the People with a Bachelor’s Degree so that I can get a head start in my game developing career.

Results/Accomplishments: I will be able to successfully program my games with the languages that I have learned from my courses and I will have a Bachelor’s Degree to represent my skills.

Action Steps

What Will Be Done? Responsibilities

Who Will Do It? Timeline

By When?
(Day/Month) Resources

A. Resources Available

B. Resources Needed (financial, human, political & other) Potential Barriers

A. What individuals or organizations might resist?

B. How? Communications Plan

Who is involved?

What methods?

How often?

Step 1: Learn programming languages such as C++ and Java Script.
I will do it A.



Step 2: To start using programming to code and create the game engines that I will be using to make my…

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