I Am A Man 's Belt Essay

1548 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Manning got his backside well and truly tanned yesterday, I told you that I would be leathering you harder than I had before and I think I kept my word. I have to admit, that I was a bit freaked out when you told me that you were going to leather me harder than I 'd ever been leathered before! You certainly kept your word, Andy! The Thrashing Strap has the potential to bite nice and hard, especially when it 's me laying it on and it was pushing you all the way through the leathering. I fully intended yesterday 's leathering to be harder than you 'd had before; so that it develops your ability in this area (this will stand you in good stead for the next meeting of the HMC). Your buttocks skinned relatively quickly and I quickly got into blistering your backside with my belt. The rocking of the chair from the kick-off and your gasping for breath, shaking with shock and sweating indicated that my belt was soon doing what a hard man 's belt should do when he takes it off to a deserving bad lad. The Thrashing Strap does indeed bite good and hard, and really pushed me for every one of those 30 minutes. I couldn 't believe the severity of the initial licks and as well as the pain, I was having to deal with the gnawing doubt about whether I 'd be able to take it as you ramped up the intensity further. I felt the blood trickling down my leg after only a few minutes, so I knew that my buttocks were already going to be well skinned. You were clearly battling with the…

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