Personal Narrative Essay On The Outsiders

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I hear the familiar yell of my mother from downstairs as I scramble to fix the bookshelf I had just toppled over. I was twelve at the time, yet my curiosity and boyish desire to explore led me to my failed attempt to reach the fabled attic. It was about ten feet tall to reach the cord that would open the attic, so I devised a scheme to use the bookcase as a stepstool. The feeble bookcase had too narrow of a base to support my wiry 90 pound frame, and shortly after I commenced the climb I found myself on the floor. “WHAT WAS THAT?!” was my mother’s call, and when she discovered my foolish ploy, what I heard was all too familiar: “You have no common sense”. I heard those words a great deal in my young age, and unfortunately still to this day. I hear them from my girlfriend when I forget the route home from …show more content…
E. Hinton, I couldn’t help but connect with young narrator Ponyboy Curtis. His life is nearly identical to mine. He excels at sports and gets excellent marks on his schoolwork, but his family dogs him when he doesn’t always use his head. He’s empathetic and caring, which helps him develop lasting relationships. He’s also more of a passive individual, who chooses to talk things out rather than get into a sparring match. Although we both lack common sense, we have an observational nature about us that allows us to pay attention to detail and learn from our mistakes.
Reading Ponyboy’s story gave me comfort with who I am. I realized through his maturity and development throughout the novel that a lack of common sense isn’t always a bad thing, it’s rather necessary for growth. Ponyboy taught me that it’s okay to not be perfect, and to embrace what makes me unique. I have a newfound sense of pride with my identity and I don’t see mistakes as setbacks but instead as a chance to learn and better myself for the future. I thank Ponyboy Curtis, and I thank S. E. Hinton, for these valuable life lessons that made me into the man I am

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