The Glass Menagerie-Personal Narrative

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One day there was a girl named Belle, and she loved to read and always love taking selfies. The same day she came out her house and heard it was dance mob and everybody was doing the whip and nae nae. Then while she was walking she sees a man named Xavier, the selfish, bodybuilder that always drinks a lot of ale. Then his sidekick Josh, who does everything for him, and looks up to him starts making fun of Belle’s father. While Xavier tells Belle bad things about her father and his inventions, Belle immediately stands up for her dad. When Belle is arriving home she sees smoke coming out her house, Belle sees (Adrien) Belle’s dad working on the Ephone 8s. While Belle, thinks he will be the greatest inventor of mankind, Adrien does not think so. …show more content…
Adrien goes the wrong path and he sees there is a circle of wolves in front of him. Before you know it his car drives all the way to Belle. After Adrien starts running, and he sees this house. He starts knocking as fast as he can, and the door opens by itself. As he sees talking tools, the tools trying to help him know where he is. As the wolfman is angry because there is an intruder in his house. Then Bestee starts asking him questions like, who are you? What are you doing here? Then the Bestte immediately puts Adrien in his jail cell. Later in Belle’s village Xavier tries to propose to Belle with a 56.5 carat ring. She quickly says no, because Xavier only cares about himself. Later on, the car goes where Belle is and tells her to go on and says her dad is in danger. The car has an autopilot to where her dad went and she gets off and sees this big mansion. Then she sees her dad’s phone on the floor, and for sure she knows her dad has to be inside there. She finds her dad locked in a jail cell. Belle’s dad tells her to run away before Bestte sees her. Bestte comes angrily, and says what are you doing here? She says I am here for my

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