Life Choices In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Life is extremely complex and difficult, but no one wants to die a horrible and painful death. Yet, is suffering a horrendous life better. What about people that enjoy their lives, but have to give them up because of some foolish made-up story. This proves that making life choices is is a lot more than just hard or difficult, it is a matter of life and death sometimes. Arthur Miller has great character developement of John Proctor to show the tortuous choices he has to make and the consequences of lies in The Crucible.
One of the main characters in the play that tries to bring major changes to Salem is John Proctor. He is a hardworking
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There are other characters in the play that face death for standing up to the cruelty in Salem, but the most detailed is Proctor. He wants to give into the temptations to live if he confesses. However, that would make him weak and despicable, but in the end he faces death with confidence and resolution to be true because he does not approve of the other choice. By the way, what do people have against saying the truth, is it so hard that people would rather inflict murder on others just to justify their actions. Life would be a lot simpler if people are true to themselves and more honest. Miller’s message is to be honest at all times because otherwise there are horrific consequences. It is a lesson everyone should adapt. Though, Miller talks about the importance of honesty and integrity at all times, he also mentions that being “without sin [is] as of an earth without ‘sky’” (33). People cannot live and not sin, it is impossible. But doing the best possible will keep any person on the right path no matter how hard life …show more content…
The lies that everyone tells to cover up the not so pretty truth only lead to many deaths and broken relationships between people and neighbors. Proctor, the main character dies to show that truth is stronger than death, which is one of Miller’s messages from his magnificent play. Life may be horrible, but not many would want to lose it as there is hope that one day it will get better. Yet, to make it better some people make other’s life miserable and the cycle continues. According to Miller, it is better to lose the life to a good cause than live a lie. However, honesty is even harder than life. Life does not expect explanations or consequences to words and actions, while integrity constantly bothers the subconscious of people to do good and when good is not an option it torments the mind. Each decision that is made depends on the person and that person should be ready to shoulder all the consequences that happen in

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