I Am A Good Writer Essay

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After having Miss Kelley as my English teacher both freshman and sophomore year, I was rather nervous having a new teacher my junior year. I had become accustomed to Miss Kelley’s grading style and writing style. It would be fair to say that my writing style had transformed into the way it was due to her influence. My worries had soon dissipated when I realized that Mrs. Wecht’s writing style, although different than that of Miss Kelley’s, was not a terribly hard transition. I would like to think that overall I am a good writer. However, there is always room for improvement. At the beginning of the year, with my The Outliers essay, I demonstrated a performance that is average when compared to my current capabilities. The essay contained a few fragments and no hook. How am I supposed to get my readers to willingly continue reading my essay if I begin it with a dull “the path to success is relative”? I had yet to learn how to embed quotes properly and my analyzation skills were rather weak - that was September. By November, my writing had steadily improved, although there was still room for improvement. In my Hamlet essay, my thesis was “nice and clear” and I had a good hook, “an intense and dramatic situation makes for a great play”. As mentioned before, I was not very good at embedding quotes. This was something I struggled with. I knew how to embed quotes, I just needed to learn how to embed them well. One month later, I was assigned an article of the week. My first…

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