I Am A First Generation College Graduate Essay

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When it comes to describing who I am, it is quite simple. I am the second oldest in my family. I am also a first-generation college graduate. I am an exceedingly ambitious person who always has plans for the future and know how I want to achieve those plans, but just do not have a way to do it. I had plans of a fashion magazine based in my hometown of Charlotte and even had people on board to support with layout, graphics and photography; nonetheless, I lacked the money and time to begin. I also have an idea of a fashion boutique that designs one of a kind wedding dresses that I would personally sketch from her deepest dreams, however those plans are still alive but on hold until I have a financial backing for them. You cannot sew without fabric or a machine and cannot build a fashion layout without a camera and Adobe and getting my degree will allow me to focus on one career and have the extra time to build up a business without financial worry.
Similarly, I have a strong drive to enhance myself and be greater than I now am. I am not one who believes in giving up on dreams. I went to community college and graduated and from there went on to receive my bachelor’s degree. I realized that I wanted to do something different that could conceivably have long standing overtures and am now in graduate school. I want to do something great and just need a jump to get there.
I come from a family that is very opposite from one another. On one side is I have a very pro-active family,…

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