I Am A Chef And My Own Restaurant Essay example

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Everyone loves eating food, but I don’t, I created a passion of making food. As I grew up without my parents by my side, I had to be the adult for myself. My parents would leave the house early to work and they would get home very late, so I had to make myself food mostly every day. I enjoyed making food; it would distract me from feeling lonely most of the time. Then at the age of 8 my mother had my sister so I wasn’t alone anymore, but I became very responsible and independent, so I would help my mom make dinner for us. Those days when I came home and helped my mom cook helped me discover something I hadn’t realized until I was in middle school. At the age of 12 I knew that I wanted to be a chef and have my own restaurant. I recall when I was first asked what I wanted to be when I grow up and I said “I want to own a restaurant.” The idea of working in a place where I’d be my own boss and make food for people made me excited.
Crossing the border at the age of 3 with my mother was difficult because I saw my mother cry as she left her parents and siblings just to give me a chance to exceed in life that is one of the many sacrifices my mom has done for me. It was very hard for my mother to live in a new place and far away from all her family but what motivated her was that I had better opportunities in this country and that’s why she has always encouraged me to go to college since I was little. When I’m cooking I feel relaxed and all my negative thoughts go away and my taste…

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