Hygiea Case Study

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Hygiea – the Brand

In Greek and Roman mythology, Hygiea was the Goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene. She was the daughter of the God of Medicine. Having this in mind, we considered that Hygiea is the right name to represent our brand, as we are worshippers of the Goddess of Health.
Our main mission, here at Element, is to manufacture the best healthcare products for our customers. In our niche, it is essential to pay attention to everything that means quality. Hence we are striving to offer products and services that comply to the highest standards of accuracy, precision, reliability, sensitivity, specificity and quality.
We created Hygiea, which is the first brand to produce the necessary healthcare products in East Africa.

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Our Pasteur Pipettes are made from disposable plastic and come in a variety of designs and sizes. They are specifically adapted to perform a particular application in the laboratory, but there are also some pipettes that have numerous applications.
For volume measurements, there are Pasteur Pipettes that also include graduation markings. It is recommended to use these pipettes in biological and medical applications, not with organic solvents.

Stains and reagents
These state-of-art preformulated stains are made using certified powders and reliable liquid solutions and fixatives. Depending on your specific requirements, you can find a variety of formulations that add to the preformulated products.
These formulated stains are guaranteed to be of high quality, thus you can use them with manual and automated staining procedures. They are created to provide optimal and efficient use. There is a wide range of stains and reagents, so you can always find the ones that cater to your needs and requirements.
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Due to their capacity of showing results in a short time, they provide a timely treatment intervention.

Sputum Collection Cups (Regular)
Certain tests can only be done using the sputum that is brought up from the lungs and airway, when the patient spits or coughs. For such tests, you need to use sputum collection cups. These regular sputum collection cups help you collect the sputum from your patient, to get the most accurate result to their necessary tests.
They are provided with a screw cap, which prevents any leaks. These cups have a capacity of 40ml, and they have a mid-marking at 20ml. Featuring a slight conical shape, these sputum collection cups are space-saving.

Oxo-Degradable Sputum Collection Cups
These Oxo-degradable sputum collection cups are the excellent choice for tests that require sputum collection. Aside from their main purpose of helping you to safely collect the sputum from the patients, they are environmentally friendly. Made of high quality oxo-degradable material, these collection cups can degrade in the nature. This makes these cups excellent in areas where proper disposal methods are not

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