Essay on Did The Sticky Bandit Make An Inky Mistake?

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Investigation 13 “Who Wrote the Ransom Note?”

Did The Sticky Bandit Make an Inky Mistake?

Introduction: Early Wednesday morning at approximately 6:19 a.m. the widowed Mrs. Regina Butterworth realized when she went to make some syrup that her infamous syrup recipe had been stolen from her secret cookie jar vault. Mrs. Butterworth immediately called the police and upon their arrival they discovered a ransom note left by the alleged sticky bandit. The note was sent to the Tempe CSI Crime Lab for further analysis. Blaine Benson, head of the Tempe Crime Lab, has reported that paper chromatography will be used to identify the pen the bandit used. Pens from local syrup competitors were collected as evidence to compare to the ink used in the note. Paper chromatography is a common practice used to separate the colored components in the ink. The Rf value or the retention factor is the ratio of the distance traveled by the substance over the distance traveled by the solvent. This value will give the forensic investigators a quantitative value to compare the ink samples retrieved from the competitors to.

Materials: The materials used include: jars with lids to ensure a closed environment for the experiment, Chromatography paper to effectively get more accurate results and a ruler to measure the retention factor. Deionized water, 20% ethanol, 50% ethanol, 90% ethanol are all used as solvents for the experiment, a pencil is also needed to label the different ink samples and a…

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