Hydrogen Fuel Storage Of Mass Destruction Essay

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The Hindenburg was a widely known zeppelin, which catastrophically failed in a massive ball of fire. The horrific destruction of the Hindenburg upon landing in 1937 cannot place blame on the usage of Hydrogen. (Parkinson) Numerous people fear the usage of hydrogen in the application of a fuel in the transportation sector, often from misunderstanding horror stories. The usage of hydrogen in weapons of mass destruction may also give this fuel a bad rap. Hydrogen fuel cells in modern automobiles is actually quite safe, however hydrogen is a volatile element as we know for example the hydrogen bomb.
Hydrogen fuel storage is critical to ensuring the safety of the general public when it is used as a fuel onboard a vehicle. Gasoline also poses risks when used as a fuel in automobiles as well, therefore safe storage of fuel should be equally of concern in terms of accidents? Perhaps, however an automobile fire isn’t quite the same in terms of destruction as an accident involving hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel requires significantly greater pressures when being used as a fuel, hydrogen by volume has a lower energy content than gasoline (Hydrogen Benefits and Considerations) This makes storage a bit further complex in comparison to gasoline. To produce a storage vessel strong enough withstand high-pressures required for desirable driving range, there is a significant weight disadvantage over a gasoline or fuel tank. (Janssen)
Automakers such as Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai to name a few…

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