Hybrid Vehicle An Eco Friendly Car Is Healthy For The Environment

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With growing concern for the environment, multiple corporations have attempted to make their products eco-friendly and efficient. For the automotive industry, electric cars have taken a new stand and are gaining popularity. Audi, in particular has put together an advertisement that strives to give their first ever plug-in hybrid vehicle an honorable and superior title. In this TV commercial, the setting, events, music and body language all contribute to the main claim and goal, which is to persuade people that buying an eco-friendly car is healthy for the environment and can automatically draw attention.
In the “Audi A3 e-tron” commercial, Audi implies that saving the environment should be a priority and the new plug-in hybrid will allow you to reduce fuel emissions, while at the same time, impress the people around you. The commercial begins in a small community where people are doing their best to be eco-friendly with happy expressions on their face because they know what they are doing is significant. Once the Audi appears, everything else seems to be irrelevant, which is purposeful because the ad is meant to glorify the car for various reasons. Some of which are, being environmentally friendly, cost efficient, quiet, and the fact that electric cars can potentially be the future.
This ad, being one of the many car commercials, stood out because of the new product and the way certain aspects of the product were brought out in the actors, scene, and details such as music…

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