Hybrid Cars Vs. Electric Motor Essay

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Hybrid cars are vehicles that combines the benefits of having both a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. Hybrids also have battery packs in them, which powers the electric motor, and the gas engine charges the battery while it is running (“Hybrid Cars”). The electric motor makes the car more fuel efficient, where on the other hand, the engine allows the vehicle to go as fast as normal cars. This gives these cars improved fuel economy, increased power, and additional auxiliary power for electronic devices/power tools (“How Hybrids Work”).
My dad drives a Toyota Prius, one of the most commonly known examples of a hybrid car, so I have a personal experience with a hybrid vehicle. When I drive it, I have noticed that it feels different than normal cars, such as my mom’s Honda Pilot. It feels different in braking because it uses the regenerative braking system. This is when the electric motor applies resistance to the brakes to slow them down. In return, the energy from the wheels turns the motor, taking energy that is usually wasted and using it. Along with this useful feature, hybrids provide the driver with electric motor drive/assist. This is where the electric motor provides additional power to assist the engine in accelerating, passing, or hill climbing. This allows a smaller, more efficient engine to be used, and in some engines, the motor provides all the power for low-speed driving. A final fuel-saving feature of hybrid cars is that the engine automatically…

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