Hungry Jacks Research Essay

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“You are required to write a report on how marketers use the different methods of marketing research to identify opportunities of the market, segmenting and targeting the market based on the valuable results collected from their marketing research activities.
To be able to do this project you should select a company of your choice and identify the various market research techniques the company has used to gather information of the market.
The report has to be presented professionally with cover sheet, table of contents and references.”

Marketing research is very important component of a business used to identify and define the opportunities and problems that they will encounter on the market. The aim
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For reaching their main objectives, Hungry Jack’s uses different marketing researches that we are going to state and explain below:
Hungry Jack’s had to make the SWOT analysis which means that they had to analyse the internal marketing strength of their organization. For this they had to identify the strength and weaknesses so the right marketing strategy is decided upon the results, and after they have to combine them with the opportunities and threats in the market place.
After the analysis is done, the company is able to determine what it needs in order to make the chances of successful marketing higher.
In this analysis they will include the following components:
- Which are the available financial resources to spend for marketing;
- What are exactly the products and if they are appropriate for the future of the business
- What systems are used and if they are efficient for the customers satisfaction. - The quality of the employees and which training is provided so they can offer the best service to customers.
The Strengths and weaknesses are internal components and the Threats and Opportunities are external to the company.
Here is a SWOT ANALYSIS made for Hungry Jack’s restaurants: * STRENGHTS:
The products are better than the competition in any aspects such as the taste, size, ingredients, cooking methods, and value for money, fast service.
Hungry Jack’s has the “Australian Image” that Mc

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