Humans And Robots : Human Consciousness Essay

1319 Words Oct 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Humans and Robots Technology provides humans with tremendous benefits. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, people 's living standards have been taken to a higher level. As a result of intelligent machines such as robots widely being utilized, people live comfortably and conveniently. As humans’ substitutes and servants, robots are programmed to imitate human behaviors and do many things that used to be done by humans. Robots and humans share some qualities. Some may wonder that how come robots and humans share similarities since robots are at best inanimate aggregations of computer programs written by humans. In “Strange Creatures”, Susan Blackmore asserts that not intelligence or human consciousness, but the ability to imitation is what makes humans different from other creatures. She believes that our thoughts are not our own creations, but autonomous selfish memes working only to get themselves copied. In “Alone Together”, Sherry Turkle suggests that robots are able to imitate, and are becoming ever better at doing so. Based on Blackmore’s theory about memes, the qualities of robots and humans converges on obedience, intelligence, and comprehension. Robots are obedient to humans, whereas humans are compliant with memes. There is no denying that humans create and control robots. Turkle declares the benefits of robots by saying “Robots won’t be judgmental. We will be accommodated……It won 't do dangerous things, and it won 't betray you” (p271). Well-designed…

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