Humanities Today Essay

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The humanities can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience. Since humans have been able, we have used philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and language to understand and record our world. These modes of expression have become some of the subjects that traditionally fall under the humanities umbrella. Knowledge of these records of human experience gives us the opportunity to feel a sense of connection to those who have come before us, as well as to our contemporaries. Humanities influence daily life deprived of several people being conscious of their attendance. What differentiates humanities from other styles of human review and appearance is that they emphasize on philosophies and …show more content…
Art has evolved over time. When it first started, there wasn’t really a technology; it was just hand painted or hand sculpted by an artist. Today, art can be produced with a press of a button. For example, one could make a collage of photographs within minutes, to whereas it would take someone days or months even years to finish a piece of art. Music in early centuries was mainly created for a sense of entertainment for royalty only. In today’s society, you can use the technology we have and download it from some other individual that lives half way around the world. It can be used as a way of expression. We hear a variety of genres. They talk about love, loss, sadness, anger, etc. People associate the music they listen to by what mood they are feeling or where their life may be at the time. Architecture has definitely evolved over time. It has evolved from circular and square buildings made of stone and wood, to any shape you can imagine made from steel to titanium wire. With the creation of architecture, it gave society the opportunity to create shelters, homes, churches, etc. Philosophy could be defined as, “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of beings, knowledge or conduct.” ( Each culture has their own version of philosophy and they inherited it by self-discovery. They discovered things through logic, observation, leaps of faith, and

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