Human Vs Robot Essay

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Humans verses Robots

Everyone, at one point, had to verify whether they were a human or a robot when requesting to access a certain site. Most are familiar with this program but others have no clue what it’s called. This program is called CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart). It is a program that protects websites against bots by generating word puzzles that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. Have you ever wondered if this program is effective when telling a computer and a human apart? With the advancement of technology at our door step, is it possible that computers can easily type in a distorted message? It is said the human’s only use 10 percent of our brain’s capacity.
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Some have a simple box that you have to hover over and check. Next to it is the words “I am not a robot” and once it gives you the green check mark, you’re in. Others require you to draw a shape in the box provided to prove that you are not a bot. The one that everyone is familiar with is the one that requires you to type in two words to verify that you are a human. Are these versions different in security as far as one being easier to get into than the other? How long has CAPTCHA been around? Is there a possibility that the software might be outdated in comparison to our so-called modern …show more content…
Hackers are getting smarter and smarter every day. There must have been endless research done to help better the CAPTCHA system. An original prototype could have been constructed prior to the development of the CAPTCHA. If so, is this security system already behind or is it leveled with the tech that we use today?
Since these sites allow CAPTCHA to help verify that you are human. There is a likelihood that this program is designed to protect websites from potential threats. These companies may be paying CAPTCHA for the security of their websites. Most of the time, we are not confronted with CAPTCHA through major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, or Tumblr. Could this CAPTCHA program be distributed randomly across different sites? Is it a payed program that only the top companies can afford?
This topic has peaked my interest due to the fact that I use my computer every single day and I have never bothered to know what this CAPTCHA program is all about. We have used these program to access numerous sites around the globe but never took the time to truly investigate. It seemed like an unnecessary step to me when I first came across it. I thought the term “robot” had nothing to do with a computer. My ignorance got the best of me in this case. Though I

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