Human Services As A Career Essay

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To better understand the Humans Services field I interviewed six people, asking them what they thought about the choice of human services as a career. I also decided to choose these people based on their culture, place of residence, language and customs. I decided to split the six people into two groups - the group of people interviewed who live in Italy and the group of people interviewed who live in the United States. This division has allowed me to compare similarities and differences present in the two human service networks. The interviews with the Italian group were made over the phone. The interviews with the American group have been made in person.
The Italian group was composed by: Piccoli Daniela --my mother - Giada Di Cosimo - a friend – and Piccoli Antonella - my aunt. To the question "what do you think about the choice of human services as a career?" The Italian group responded in this way:
Piccoli Daniela: first of all the first question is very generic and it needs more information. There are many jobs in the social field with different characteristics and different purpose. I think that the social services field should be divided into two broad categories, paid careers and volunteering. In my opinion, a career in the social services field leads to positive results only if it is considered volunteering. The money and the people who need help are two separate things that should not go together.

Giada Di Cosimo: In Italy, the worlds "Human services" do not…

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