Human Resources Paper

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Human Resources

September 05, 2011 Roles and Functions of Human Resources
The human resources department of organizations is extensive and is important to help the organization organized and successful. The roles and functions of the human resources department includes recruiting potential employees, responsible for the staffing, comply with labor laws, responsible for the training programs, implementing safety procedures, and policies. In addition, the human resources department is also responsible for maintaining, and ensuring a high level of quality, action, and performance in the organization.
Management Role of the Human Resources Department
Some of the roles of the human resources representatives and managers
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The systems also helps the organization in measuring the capability of the current workforce, help the organization manage the possible risks of the company, helps monitor and record the organization’s compliance in regard to mandated regulations and requirements of the government that deals with employees (AME Info, n.d.). The use of current technology allows the human resources department representatives and managers to devote more time to provide better counseling to employees, invest more time to better select possible employees, and provide better training to managers and supervisors. The human resources department and representatives should try to provide the employees the needed outlet to state his or her concerns about the company and current department. It is very important that every employee knows that there is a place where he or she can go to voice out concerns without any fear (Quick, 2011).
Globalization is becoming an important part of the organization because of the incorporation of global societies and economies around the globe. To better deal with the increase in competition, the human resources department needs to be active in the recruitment, maintaining very productive labor force, and must be very responsive in the changing needs of the employees. The human resources personnel must be skilled in developing efficient strategies that are flexible to attract, hire, and train employees to be

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