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1. By meeting almost every week in the fall and spring semesters, CBL provided a place for students to express their beliefs with other like-minded students. These meetings consisted of speakers, Bible studies, and team/leadership building activities that helped students learn about where their faith fits into the workplace. In addition, leadership and professional workshops have let members grow in order to reach their personal and career goals.

2. The CBL executive team has promoted several service opportunities to members, including Relay for Life and VITA tax preparation for low-income individuals. As well as service opportunities, Christian Business Leaders donated to Marklund and helped to promote awareness for people living with disabilities.
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Students have been able to ask our speakers questions after their talks, as well as network with them after the meetings. This networking allows students to get know the speakers better, creating professional relationships with the speakers.

6. Our organization set the goal of winning a RSO of the Month award given by the Student Government Association. We worked very hard, every month, to put on excellent events that allowed our members to learn and take-a-way something every meeting. Christian Business Leaders won RSO of the Month for the month of January, getting recognized for our hard work and commitment to the Illinois State University community.

7. Our organization set the goal of growing to over 20 members. As our organization started with 9 members, we thought that we might be setting this goal a little high. However, we exceeded this goal. By the second semester on campus, we have 24 members of the organization. This amount has led the group to get to know everyone in it on a personal level and to develop
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By allowing executive board members to plan meetings, it allows the board members to put together their knowledge and to get to know the general members better. Outside of the general meetings, members of the organization have numerous social events, both planned and on impulse. Our organization has a Facebook group that people post on when people want to go to a basketball game, football game, or other events that the University has. We also participate in other RSO’s events. For example, Christian Business Leaders put a team together for a dodge ball tournament fundraiser held by Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity. In addition, Christian Business Leaders is participating in Relay for Life. On multiple Fridays, members of Christian Business Leaders got together to go get food at local restaurants. By doing all of these items, Christian Business Leaders to created a community-like atmosphere.

9. During our first executive meeting, we wanted to set a goal that would push all of us to our leadership limit and force us to work hard everyday to inspire our membership, have personal growth, and give back to the community. We believe that our organization has reached all of our goals that we set at our first meeting. Christian Business Leaders has come a long way from our first ever leadership meeting in the Executive Classroom in the State Farm Hall of Business. We all are very proud

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